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Voice from iBS

[今日の誕生花] ハギ(マメ科)


 [花言葉] 思い、清楚

「思い・想い」 mind・logic・ feelings

★mind : (意志や思考などからの)思い

Please feel free to speak your mind.


★logic : (意志や思考などからの)思い

His logic was totally foreign to me.


foreign: 異質な・馴染みのない

★feelings : (感情のこもった)想い

I have unrequited feelings for my best friend's girlfriend.


unrequited: 一方的な・報われない

★passion : 熱い想い

He has a passion for serving his customers.


★sentiment : (気持ちや感情などからの)想い

I respect her sentiment about her ex-boyfriend.




 You are very neat. 


 He is always neatly dressed.