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Voice from iBS

Preparing for the faithful 新年の準備


Talismans are laid out to be sold for the new year at Kawasaki Daishi temple in Kawasaki, where more than 3 million people visit to pray during the first three days of the New Year. On Monday, four priests were carefully finishing up making the talismans, which are said to protect the safety of loved ones and ward off bad luck.


●日 時:2019年1月26日(土)14時〜16時
●場 所:iBS外語学院にて
●内 容:【第一部】Speech & Talk by iBS外語学院生
                  【第二部】ミニ講話(南 徹 学院長)
●参加費:無 料
●申込先:tel 099-225-1311 メール ibs@ibs-gaigo.com